Monday, April 25, 2011

How To Remove Photos Form Facebook

I have come across through many forums and sites, and saw that may people want to delete photos form facebook, but don’t have proper knowledge and guidance to do so.
Here I put down an article with images that will guide you in the better way to delete photos from face book.

1. Log in to your face book account first.

2. Click to your profile picture link

3. Click on the photo that you want to delete

Now your photo look like the below one

You can find links at the bottom-left corner of the image, you'll find "Delete This Photo" option. Click on the Delete This Photo link, and then you have to make OK to conform for a delete, like the image below

Once you confirm the "Delete Photo" the photo will get deleted form your facebook photo album

Hope this article helps you to delete a photo from facebook.

Friday, May 7, 2010

How To Hire SEO Freelancer

SEO Freelance is a great option and affordable for Small Business Owners. The Internet is spreading from big cities to small towns and villages. The easy way to find a business, products, services and niche people is internet. If are you thinking to bring the online prospective customers or visitors, who surf internet for products/services you provide, and don’t have enough funds to hire a professional SEO Company who can help you to drag these visitors towards your business but the cost to hire them stops you! Because there companies or firms charges huge amount, as they have to maintain all the business expenses to get ROI (Return On Investments).

If you’re seriously thinking for web promotions in less than affordable price, then it’s always better to hire a professional SEO Freelancer. These professionals don’t have huge expenses like the professional SEO companies, the only problem is timing and project cost.

There are two types of freelancers

1 - One who do job and freelancing: This type of freelancers will be busy with in-house and client projects, they can get free time early in the morning, later in the evening after going home from office or in holidays. They can give 2-4 hours of time for freelance. Choosing this type of freelancer can cost less. If you thing for long term SEO in less budget, this type of professional are suitable for you.

2 – One who do freelancing as job: This type of freelancer work form home or in a small room from where they control their work. Their job is freelancing and they depend on freelance only. They provider more time comparing the above ones, but may charge more.

If a freelancer is non-local then and you like his work, then the better way to communicate is through email and phone. You both have to trust each other, here the money doesn’t matter, money will come and go, but the trust will make a strong foundation for success. You can come to know in a month, how good and capable the freelancer for your project is.

Before you hire a freelancer it’s your work to choose the best. You can see the work portfolio, freelance portfolio and have a meeting to clarify all your doubts and always consider all the points before hiring a freelancer, its would help to built a good understanding between both the parties (You & Freelancer) and this will bring results to the business.